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If you are looking for a source of broad expertise in the chemical industry domain you have come to the right place. Please take some time to go through the following to know more about us.

InnovaSMART®️ LLP was founded in 2018 by three highly experienced R&D professionals namely Dr. Vadiraj Ekkundi , Dr. Kikkeri. J. DivakarDr. Milind V. Rangaishenvi. The founding members  of InnovaSMART®️ are all specialized in Organic Chemical Synthesis as applied to different chemical classes. They have rich experience in the Research and Development in the fields of Specialty, Pharma and Agrochemical Industries boasting of a collective experience of over a hundred years in leadership roles in leading Indian and multi-national corporations. The founding members of InnovaSMART®️ have acquired deep understanding of the dynamics of bringing new products through time efficient R&D.
About Us
About Us

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision

Our vision is to be your partner, working with your teams and offer the best of solutions to achieve rapid progress in whichever project you wish to engage us.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the best in class R&D and Technical consulting organization

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