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Process Research & Development

Every stage & discipline are critical in any process development work.

New Process Development is driven by the need to maintain Product Competitiveness as well as both Product and Technology Sustainability (Economic, Environmental & Social). New Process Development is a challenging activity spanning experiments from laboratory, to scaling up in kilo-lab, pilot plant and finally transfer of the technology to the manufacturing plant. 

In addition, New Process Development also requires excellent teamwork between Process Chemists, Chemical Engineers, Analytical Scientists and individuals from production.

InnovaSMART®️ team has deep knowledge of Process R&D – both of generic and new molecules, gathered by it’s rich experience in the R&D Divisions of leading chemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical and specialty chemical manufacturers. We can support you in improving discipline during different stages of a Process Development project and help you achieve the goals “First Time Right” mark in production during a technology transfer through different checks and controls.

Whether your R&D organization is working with known chemical processes or needs to develop new, non-infringing technology for the manufacture of an intermediate or active ingredient, the InnovaSMART®️ team can support the activity by working with your teams

We bring also our in-depth knowledge of organic chemistry to the table and suggest alternative chemistry routes, where possible, to overcome the challenges faced by the internal teams from a different perspective.